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Welcome to Weight Loss Information. We have created this site to bring you a wealth of relevant and helpful information on the subject of how to lose weight (as easily and successfully as possible). There are so many people that are looking for a workable solution to their own weight problem, it makes you wonder if there isn’t an overall cause and effect. For example, we know that humans- in general- eat way more sugar than is necessary.

There are no easy answers, although we can assume that the basic concepts of maintaining a healthy weight (diet and exercise) are not being followed by those that have become overweight.

This site aims to confront those concepts and why things are the way they are, while searching for the solutions that will help people who are prepared to help themselves. Hopefully, you’ll find information here that will help you choose a better path.

How to Lose Weight Naturally

A big part of many modern methods of losing weight consists of using wholly natural means to achieve goals– rather than rely on pills, products and other artificial means. This is sensible, as the human body will find it’s perfect balance in health and weight when the right circumstances are present. Unfortunately, a similarly large part of modern living involves eating far more than we need to; and compounded by including processed food, salt, sugar and artificial additives. These fat and chemical laden foods in our diet are all washed down with sugary fizzy drinks.

To add to the problem, we have the growing trend to do less exercise, especially in younger folks. We have an epidemic of children who would prefer to sit in front of computers and play high resolution graphics games than to go outside in the fresh air. Video games have robbed many children of  bike rides, team sports and general out-in-the-sunshine play. It is hard or almost impossible to lose weight, while playing 4 hours of Xbox each day. Make your fat kids go outside! One day, they’ll thank you for it.

A big part of this site will be dedicated to natural weight loss methods, while not entirely discounting some products that form a part of the whole process. This will enable the visitor to get both sides of the story, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

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  1. Robin says:

    Trying to get more information about how to lose weight naturally without surgery. Where are the articles?

    >>Hi Kim! Unfortunately the creator of this site had other more pressing issues to attend to. I and two others will be our weight loss bloggers. I’m going to start posting content right away. Thanks for coming by!

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