Why Choose Nutrisystem?

Of all the many different convenient type diets that are available, Nutrisystem seems to consistently be the most popular amongst dieters. But that is not the only diet program that sends all the diet meals round to your home and makes it so easy to eat and lose weight. There are plenty more that offer similar services with slight differences in the kinds of plans they provide and the food that makes up those plans. So why would you want to make Nutrisystem your top choice of diet solution?

There are several great benefits to dieting with Nutrisystem which is probably why so many people choose Nutrisystem as their preferred weight loss solution. These include the convenience of having all your meals delivered to your home, not having to cook any food, not having to prepare any meals, not even having to go to the store to buy food (if you choose mot to). But these advantages are typical of most diet food delivery companies too.

The Alternatives

Take Medifast, or Jenny Craig, both of which provide similar quality meals to Nutrisystem and if these aspects were your only criteria for making your choice then you’d be tied up with these three. They all provide these benefits, although their plans may differ slightly in eating schedule and in the variation of their menus, but essentially they are very similar.

Meal Quality

If you take into account the quality of the meals and use that as your yardstick for making your choice of best diet solution, then you would probably be more interested in eDiets or Bistro MD as they provide fresh cooked and packaged meals that are chilled or frozen and then shipped to you. There are no processed meals in their menus, not are there any freeze dried pasta or rice dishes as all the meals are ready made to be heated and eaten!


Perhaps it’s the less obvious traits of the program that make it so attractive, such as full on customer support or their ongoing counselling program that helps dieters every step of the way and answers any problems that may crop up. But you could also argue that all the diet providers have excellent customer support and ongoing counselling for dieters.


So does it all come down to cost? If you compare all the top diet meal delivery programs, Nutrisystem comes out as one of the least expensive of them all. Especially since the company is constantly attracting new customers with tempting special offers of a percentage of the cost off their first month’s diet shipment. Only Medifast comes close to Nutrisystem’s approximate daily cost of $10 a day (Medifast runs at approx $11 a day) while the others are all more expensive.

Or perhaps it is a combination of all these things plus the power of TV advertising campaigns that attract customers to Nutrisystem more than their rivals. Whatever the reason for choosing Nutrisystem as your weight loss solution, it’s a pretty good choice for most people because it simply works as long as you work with it.

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