Mental Weight Loss

If you’re wondering what it is that I meant in the title of this article by mental weight loss, I am of course referring to the ability that everyone has to use their minds to control what is going on in their body to a certain extent. You see, your mind can be a powerful tool for you to use in your strategy to lose weight effectively and successfully. It’s just a case of knowing what it is capable of and then training it a little to do the work for you.

Now first of all, you should be aware that you can’t totally rely only on your mind to do all the work for you, because some physical interaction needs to happen as well. But you can use the power of your mind to help you get motivated and set into a plan of action that will bring you success. Here’s why this is so.

Your mind can basically be divided into two logical parts, which psychologists have labelled the conscious and the subconscious parts. We are all aware of our conscious minds because that the part that we think with. We react to what we observe in our daily lives by what we are thinking about consciously and that includes working out problems or problem solving, logical thought, planning and creating, as well as making decisions.

The subconscious part is less well understood, but we do know this. The subconscious part of the mind is the part that controls all of our body’s many functions from the beating of our hearts to the respiratory system of our lungs and breathing, to cell repair and renewal, fighting infection and disease and controlling the digestion and elimination process. We don’t need to consciously be aware of any of these things and if we did, we would go crazy trying to control so many things all at once. This is why it is known as subconscious, because it works in the background without us having to interact with it on a conscious level.

The thing that few know about is that while we generally don’t, we can consciously interact with the subconscious on some levels. One way of allowing this to happen is by using hypnosis, and this is why weight loss hypnosis is a popular form of losing weight. Another is by meditation, which allows us to repeat affirmations to ourselves that are, by repetition, allowed to take root in the subconscious part of the mind.

But even without these two powerful methods, we can still affect our subconscious to a degree by using our conscious thoughts more effectively. In short, it means adopting a positive mental attitude towards our general health and body weight. By adopting an “I CAN” attitude to losing weight, we can actually tip the balance in our favor and re-program our own mental state. It works in all areas of our life and you only have to look at some human achievement examples to see how this is possible.

Everybody though the Wright Brothers were mad to claim they could fly, but they didn’t let that stop them. With their positive mental attitude towards knowing that they could fly, they achieved it. Galileo was thrown into jail as a heretic when he turned his first crude telescope to the heavens and proclaimed he could see planets with moons (Jupiter), rings around Saturn and craters on the moon. He believed in himself and eventually his “I can” attitude got his knowledge across to the masses. When Roger Bannister set out to run a mile in less than four minutes, the experts said it could not be done. He believed that he could do it and proved the experts wrong by achieving his goal because he knew he could do it. When you see a friend or neighbor has lost weight easily because they believed they could do it, they did it because they adopted that “I can” attitude and went ahead and did it.

You can too! You can achieve mental weight loss by believing in your self and in your abilities to overcome any obstacle to reach your goal. If that goal is losing weight, then you can do it!

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