What is The Paleo Diet?

There are many diets that dieticians and doctors have put together to make sure that we live our lives to the fullest, but one diet that never goes out of fashion is the paleo diet. This diet is safe to follow for most people and it has been said to be the “healthiest and most popular” eating plan in the world. It is one of the only approaches to nutrition that promises a healthy and energetic lifestyle that is very easy to maintain. Many disciplines have been involved in the creation of the paleo diet and if you have never followed it before, there is no time like the present!

The paleo diet is actually not a diet in the conventional sense; it is rather a change that you make to your current eating patterns. It is based on the ancestral way that our forefathers and ancestors used to follow in the time of the cave men. It is a food plan that consists out of all the food groups that early humans ate, consisting mainly out of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit. Basically it is like returning to nature and using what we have relied on for so many years to support us in modern times.

The way to building a healthy paleo diet is easier than most people think. There are a few food that you need to avoid however. Things like dairy, grains, processed sugars and foods, legumes, and starches should be avoided at all costs. Alcohol is also a big no-no. There have been claims that the occasional glass of wine shouldn’t do any harm, but excessive drinking is definitely out of the question. Remember: the paleo diet is all about healthy living and losing weight without harming your body.

Luckily, there are a few delicious food groups that are totally okay to eat and the great thing is that you don’t have to starve yourself for months on end or take any ridiculous diet pills. Let your body transform on its own. The foods that are okay to eat are fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seafood, nuts and seeds. As you can see, these are not foods that will change your life forever – most of us eat these kinds of things every day. Healthy fats are also encouraged- do don’t worry about fatty fish or avocados or peanuts. These fats are “healthy” in the sense that they can help with the prevention of cancer, cognitive decline, and even obesity.
The paleo diet has been effective for many decades and for good reason. It is extremely beneficial to the inner workings of the human body.

Some of the benefits are reduced allergies, better workout results, clear skin and better teeth, and improved sleep patterns.

Looking good is often based on feeling good– and this is definitely the case when you make the change to this healthy paleo lifestyle. Here are a few more benefits of why the paleo diet is so popular in today’s modern society:

Weight Loss

Losing weight is probably the primary reason for humans to go on a diet or to make a lifestyle change. There has always been a negative stigma attached to the methods of losing weight – people believe that you have to buy diet pills or meal replacements or sign a yearly gym contract in order to lose weight. This is wrong. The paleo diet allows you to lose weight easily due to its combination of food groups. The low carb design works well with the limited intake of processed foods which fuels the weight loss process as you eat.

More Energy

Energy drinks have become extremely popular in the past few years, but in actual fact, they can be quite detrimental to your body. Because the paleo diet allows your bodily functions to come alive and lets the weight loss process occur faster, the levels of energy in your body will increase. (So you won’t need extra energy in the form of sugar and caffeine.) It is based on a very low-sugar structured eating plan which can combat feelings of fatigue. As soon as you eat refined sugars or starches, you “crash”– which causes you to feel tired. By eating a healthier foods, you will be fueled with energy the whole day through.

Increased Insulin Sensitivity

Imagine that you eat a bowl of ice cream every day for the next 6 months. There is no doubt that you will eventually get sick of it and vow never to eat ice cream again. This is the same for your body – if you eat sugary foods or refined starches on a constant basis, your body will start to reject the excess nutrition in that food type and store it as fat. By following the paleo diet, you will be able to develop insulin sensitivity which means that the aspects of the food that would have been stored as fat is burnt up immediately.

Reduced Risk Of Disease

Making a change in your lifestyle should also be about caring for your health in the long run. We are all on borrowed time and we need to make sure that our bodies are capable of running the mile. The paleo diet makes it easy for you to avoid junk food by giving you simple instructions on the certain food groups that you may eat from. You will be dodging things like obesity, cardiovascular problems, and overall bodily decline. The right foods can also help you keep your brain sharp and focused!

Less Allergies

Many people who follow the paleo diet report a dramatic decrease in allergic-type reactions. The reason for this is because you will be digesting naturally developed foods with ease, and the necessary nutrients will make its way to where it is needed most. You will notice that you will have a boosted immune system and less allergies, even when the season changes.
As we have already mentioned, the paleo diet is great for weight loss, but it is even better when it is aimed at improving your life!

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